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You guys like Saturn, right? Here’s a whole gallery of Saturn GIFs, from rings to moons, captured by the Cassini spacecraft. They’re part modern art and part science.

Next to the Voyager twins, I think Cassini might be the best satellite NASA ever launched. Certainly takes the best pictures. Tumblr’s own staceythinx  has an iPad app called Cassini HD that features even more photos, plus color, plus science.

(GIFs by framesandflames)

My favorite planet (so far). For more Saturnian wonder, explore Cassini Imaging Scientist Carolyn Porco’s TED Talks; discover what we’ve just learned about Saturn; and mark your calendars for one of the most astronomical IMAX films to ever grace the screens: In Saturn’s Rings!

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Blind Faith

—Can't Find My Way Home


Artist: Blind Faith
Track: Can’t Find My Way Home
Album: Blind Faith
Year: 1969
Theme: Coming Home

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